“syn (シンセサイザー、シンクロ)とju(樹)”







“syn” (from “synthesizer,” “synchronized”) and “ju” (tree):
Synthesizing digital and organic, analog elements to produce a more unconventional way of expression

“shinju” (pearl):
A pearl is able to attain its pristine beauty because it is protected by an outer shell, and its appearance can vary greatly depending on which angle you look at it from - kind of like how a person only shows their “true colors” depending on who they talk to. Inspired by the vivid gradient of colors that a pearl can show, synju aims to become a hub for creators and artists of various forms of expression, including video, fashion, and live performances, connecting them together like a pearl necklace.

“shin” (god) and “jyuu” (live, inhabit):
Bringing people together through their empathy to our music, much like how hymns and Buddhist sutras help deepen religious faith

“shin” (real, pure) and “jyuu” (ten):
gato’s break-up party was “9,” and so this next project will be “10”9 is the last number on a numeric keypad, and so this next project signifies a return to my roots (going from 9 back to 1) - an artistic rebirth

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